Learn the steps through video.

We have 9 videos that will take you through from Healthcare Basics to Surviving Orientation. Please click on the icon above the description to watch the video.

Healthcare Basics

Healthcare basics takes you the what travel healthcare is and some of the personalty traits that make a great traveler. Sponsored by HIGHWAY HYPODERMICS

Facing Your Fears

You're afraid to travel alone, without family, it gets lonely out there, you are afraid that you are going to get into a bad hospital. We walk you through those fears! Sponsored by TOTALMED STAFFING.

Preparing for the Journey

What do I need to get on the road? When can I travel? What credentials and testing do I need before I head out on this adventure. We answers these questions and more!

Finding The Right Agency

With over 400 agencies out there, just who is the best? We will walk you through finding the best travel company for YOU.

Working With Recruiters

Find out exactly what recruiters want in a travel nurse, and what you should expect from recruiters. Learn how to be a team player. Sponsored by CARIANT HEALTH PARTNERS

The Credentialing Process

Learn what labs, titers, and other health exams you will need before an assignment. Will also go through some of he testing that is expected.

What About Contracts

Find out what to look for in your contract, what to accept and not accept. Guaranteed hours and other working conditions! Sponsored by ONESTAFF MEDICAL

Making The Trip

In this video we go over the basics of what you need to take on your trip. We also go through what you need to do to prepare for an emergency. Sponsored by ATLAS MEDSTAFF

Surviving Orientation

What you will need to know in preperatioin for orientation. When will you get your instructions? What testing will you face when you get there? Sponsored by: FLEXCARE

Travel Nursing Newbies

This website provides quality information to traveling nurses along with travel therapists.  We cover all Travel Healthcare!  

This is in coordination with our Travel Nursing Newbies Facebook group, which can be found here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/TravelNursingNewbies/

That group was started by Kay (Epi) Slane and sponsored by Highway Hypodermics for nurses and therapists who are wanting to jump into the big world of travel healthcare. Estella Gypsy, Tricia Novak, Brett Martin, and Blaine Odenweller are moderators of the forum.

Experienced travel healthcare professionals are also welcome to share their experiences as a mentor. A mentor is someone who has travel nursing history and is willing to share with the newbies their experiences and tips under the guidelines that they promote flexibility, integrity, adaptability, professionalism, and dependability.

Newbie Mentor Team

The following are members of our Travel Nursing Newbie Mentor Team.

You can get a hold of them through their Facebook page.

Kay "Epi" Slane

Kay "Epi" Slane

Nursing Administration

Kay “Epi” Slane – House Supervisor, Asst. Manager, Telemetry, and Emergency Room for 25 years, traveler for 15 years.

Gail Baird

Case Management

17 years as a case manager.

Jenn Sheppard

Labor & Delivery

L/D for 18 yrs traveling for 12 yrs and as a full time family for past 4 yrs.

Sherylen Patterson

L&D + ER

OB & ER, nurse for 34yrs, traveler since 98.

Patricia Ann Carter

High Risk Labor & Delivery

30+ yrs OB, Career Traveler 20+ yrs NRP Instructor/ Educator . /Mentor / Preceptor . Will be comfortable doing L&D, LDRP, Some MB & NBN .

Sheila Phillippie-Bissell

Mother/Baby & PostPartum

Has been a nurse since 1988 going from LPN to RN-BSN to RN-MSN. She has been a traveler since 2011.

Katy Blythe


10 years as a NICU nurse and 8 years traveling.

Tricia Novak


Nurse for 29 years, traveling the last 19 years.

Irene Jervis

Intensive Care Unit

49 years as an RN, 19 yrs. as a travel nurse.

Larry Coffman


Traveler for 17 years

Brett Martin

Operating Room

Nurse for 10 years, 6 years as a traveler.

Our newbies workbook will walk you through the process of finding the right travel company.

Our List of Recruiters That Cater to Newbies

To be on this list a recruiter MUST have at least 5 years of EXPERIENCE as a recruiter, have basic KNOWLEDGE of what a nurse actually does on the floor, willing to take extra time with a newbie to TEACH them about a new assignment and getting a travel healthcare job, and they have to act with INTEGRITY & HONESTY.

Click on the picture to email them!

Aaron Cohen

Aaron Cohen

Cariant Health Partners

"Having a healthy, open relationship with great dialogue will make assignments and travel much easier on both parties."

Richie Goll

Richie Goll


Richie’s laid-back attitude is a great fit with the Cariant crew and the travel industry in general.

Lisa Willert

Lisa Willert

Cariant Health Partners

"She will answer any questions including specific positions and pay without them filling out a bunch of paperwork."

Taylor Cieslik

Taylor Cieslik

OneStaff Medical

Education is my favorite part about being a recruiter – it’s rewarding to be able to offer advice/coaching/counseling to travelers (new and old).

Denise Christensen

Denise Christensen

OneStaff Medical

As a veteran recruiter at OneStaff Medical I am passionate about helping people. Communication and educating my travelers is something I pride myself in.

Abby Sindt

Abby Sindt

Onestaff Medical

Abby brings over 16 years of experience in the medical field to the partnerships she creates with her travelers. She believes in transparency with those I work with.

Misti Remmenga-Loughran

Misti Remmenga-Loughran

Atlas Medstaff

"Misti has been in a recruiter for more than 10 years, and is very knowledgeable about walking Newbies through their first contract."

Braden Boex

Braden Boex


"Great person to help navigate the new world of travel nursing, will answer all your questions, and honestly is just a cool dude."

Christy Birchler

Christy Birchler

Atlas Medstaff

"Christy is dedicated to finding her travelers the perfect travel assignment, and she is always there to help out her new travelers."

Travel Nursing Newbie Blog

Your resource for Newbie Travel Healthcare information.

PBDS Testing

This is a wonderful test that was developed by Dr. Dorothy del Bueno in effort to test a nurses’ critical thinking, interpersonal relation, and technical skills. The test consists of several short video’s that are Read more…

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