Have questions about Travel Healthcare? Kay has been a traveler for 18 years and provides education to both travelers and agencies. This is for our lunch and learn that we will be having in Wasilla, AK, on April 29th at 10am to 4pm. This will be held at the Windbreak Hotel / Trout House Cafe. 2201 East Parks Highway

April 29, 2021

Wasilla, AK

Our schedule for this Lunch & Learn…

10am to 11am… How do I really know if travel healthcare is really for me?

11am to 12noon… How do I pick the right agency?

12noon to 1pm… Lunch at the Trout House

1pm to 2pm… What do I need to have ready to go for Credentialing?

2pm to 3pm… What to look for in a contract.

3pm – Questions & Answers