There is a new wave for staffing agencies where the recruiters are taken out of the picture and replaced with “nurse advocates.”  This has sparked my interest, so I ask John Kensinger if he could explain Trusted Health’s company model and how it works.

What is the Process?

At Trusted Health they are a team of nurses and innovators that are reimagining how healthcare staffing works. They have replaced the traditional job search and staffing approach with an intelligent matching platform, empowering nurses to discover opportunities that fit their unique experiences, preferences, and goals. They provide flexible jobs for the modern nurse.

To get started all you need to do is create your Trusted profile to get matched up with jobs and to apply to opportunities.  You will view available opportunities in real-time with contract details and pay breakdowns upfront.  Simple click, “Request Interview,” when you find a job that you like, and they will take it from there.

What makes Trusted Health different?

What makes them different than your average agency is that you set your own work and life preferences, personalize your profile, and see detailed matches in real time.  You can say goodbye to negotiations, because they give you all the information upfront and let you decide what is best for you. 

Why would they pick Trusted Health over another company?

They are clinicians just like you. We’ve left behind the bedside to revolutionize how nurses find opportunities and ultimately empower you to build a career and life that’s custom fitted to you.

Related to the fact that they don’t have recruiters, they are not incentivized by commissions or hitting quotas. That means your hard-earned money goes back into your pocket – just as you deserve.

Their advocates know that healthcare professionals put everyone else first, so they have got our backs every step of the way.  Especially if this is your first time traveling.

The Trusted Family

You’ll be an employee of Trusted, not an independent contractor. They will take care of everything you need to live and work.

They offer medical, dental, and vision coverage as a Trusted Nurse, effective on day one of your assignment. We offer four different nationwide coverage medical plans through United Healthcare and a comprehensive dental PPO & vision PPO plan via Guardian & VSP nationwide coverage network.

You also have continued support from your dedicated Nurse Advocate and will receive a Trusted welcome box upon your first placement (includes Patagonia gear and a Swell water bottle)!

So don’t join an agency, join a movement.


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