We recently talked to Lisa Zheng, the marketing manager for Nomad Health to find out what Nomad Health is all about. These are her answers to our questions.

What is the process?
On Nomad, we put nurses in the driver’s seat of their job search. Once they register, they can search through our entire inventory of jobs and view all job details up front. Once they find an exciting opportunity, they can apply entirely online. If they receive an offer, they become a Nomad Nurse (W-2 employee). We have a team of Nomad Navigators who are specialized in different parts of the process who are always there to help the nurse if they ever have any questions or need assistance. You can read a more extended rundown of our whole process on our blog: https://blog.nomadhealth.com/guide-to-getting-a-travel-nursing-job-on-nomad/.


What makes Nomad Health different?
Our primary goal is to put the power back into the nurse’s hands in terms of their job search. By giving them all the information up front, we empower nurses to make fully educated decisions on any job opportunity they may take. They can also search through the entire inventory of jobs, so they always know what’s available and can find the best match for them.

Why would they pick Nomad Health over another company?
Because we use technology to power their process, we can lower the operational costs and direct all of that back to the nurse’s salary. This means our rates are always industry best. Our job details are still full transparent, so what you see is what you get, and there’s no need for negotiating. Nurses can trust that we’ve done all we can to get them the best offer possible honestly.

Absolutely. We have a robust team of Nomad Navigator experts who are always available to help travelers throughout the job search process and also serve as their contact while on assignment. They are trained to help all nurses find the perfect opportunity for them and can help answer any question they might have.

Our goal is to let the nurse take charge of as much or as little of the process as they want. If they’re going to drive their own process completely, they can. If they want help and guidance from a Navigator, they can have that too. It’s a choose-your-own-experience that lets the nurse drive their job search experience.

Thank you Lisa for taking time to explain this to our Newbie Audience.


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