This is a free workbook to help you decide if you really have what it takes to become a traveling nurse.  It includes…

  • Qualities of a great travel nurse.
  • Personality / Temperament Questions
  • Understanding why you want to travel.
  • Under the clinical skills required for travel nursing.
  • A generic skills checklist & critical thinking skills.
  • Learn who supplies the benefits that you are looking for.
  • Finding the agency that meets your needs.
  • Finding the right agency.
  • Find the right hospital.
  • Finding the right city/apartment

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Kay "Epstein LaRue" Slane, RN, BS, CGM, starte her nursing career as a CNA December 6, 1990. Since that time, she has worked as a CNA (1.5yrs), an LPN (5yrs), and RN (20 years). In 2013 she also completed her Grad-Level Certificate in Nursing Management. When she started out traveling in 2003, she couldn't understand why there wasn't one place that you could get all of these companies benefits at the same website; therefore, she created Highway Hypodermics (the website) to house her database of Travel Nursing Companies. It was during her first assignment in Phoenix, AZ, that she decided to write a journal of her first assignment. This work along with her travel company information was published in January of 2005 as "Highway Hypodermics: Your Road Map To Travel Nursing." In 2007, her updated version, "Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2007” was the first version to reach number one in the Nursing Trend, Issues, and Roles category on Amazon. The 2009 & 2012 versions were both frequently found on the Top 100 list on Amazon for Nursing Trend, Issues,and Roles. 2015 was a total rewrite, and therefore, the start of a second generation of "Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 20XX" books. "Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2017," has remained in the top 20 book on Amazon's Nursing Reference eBook list since its publication in September of 2016. In 2013 she completed her Graduate-Level Certificate in Nursing Management (CGM) and currently travels as a house supervisor.

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